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Mag Float Cleaners

Mag Float Cleaners

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  • Easily Scrapes Algae
  • Keeps Your Hands Dry
  • Can Be Stored Attached To Tank

The Mag Float cleaner is made for cleaning algae off the sides of your glass aquarium without having to get your hands wet. Is is designed with two strong magnets which are positioned onto the wall of the tank. The rougher side goes into the water and the soft felt side goes on the outside. When moving the soft side magnetic piece on the outside, the abrasive piece will follow and remove algae on the inside wall. Should the two pieces separate while cleaning, the inside piece will float in the water column and can be easily found.

These are for glass aquariums only, please use the acrylic-specific Mag Float if you have an acrylic tank. Only Large Mag Float comes with the blade scraper included. To give Small and Medium Mag Floats more scraping power, Small/Medium scraper blades can be added.